Thierry Zaboitzeff – Pagan Dances EP

We had the pleasure of reviewing a soundtrack by former Art Zoyd composer Thierry Zaboitzeff in August, and now we’re happy to announce that he has a 20-minute EP now available to peruse.

The title track, Pagan Dances, will sound somewhat familiar to Art Zoyd fans, but he has added much better recording.  The spirit of avant-progressive rock, dark and brooding, enriches the track.  There is Zaboitzeff’s trademark cello work all over the piece, and this work would have fit well in a rescoring of The House Of Usher starring Vincent Price.  Creepy, yes, but engaging.  The second track, La Légende de NaYmA, adds vocals to the mix, something I can’t quite remember hearing in his past work.  I liked how well the voice blends with the instrumentation.  A solid EP.

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