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    Jeff Gburek – Winter Serenity Miniatures

    What a stunning way to end 2022!  Jeff Gburek scores six pieces which have absorbed themselves into my listening space.  This isn’t music to merely listen to – it is music that you feel.  There is so much happening in the music that even microtones give you a tingling sensation.  This must be the Schuman resonances he mentions in tracks 3 and 4.  Deepest listening. From Jeff Gburek’s Bandcamp site: “During the recording sessions for the long form improvisations comprising “Winter Serenity 2022″ published just a few weeks ago, there were several shorter tracks that were either due to interruptions…

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    Ani Zakareishvili – Fallin

    Ani Zakareishvili has produced a work of genius – something that feels like it would have fit in the classic movie The Shining, with its surreal, hazy feel to it.  From Warm Winters Ltd.’s Bandcamp site: “Tbilisi, Georgia-based artist Ani Zakareishvili joins the Warm Winters Ltd. roster with a hazy, phantasmic EP titled ‘Fallin’. Centred around crackling piano loops and edited snippets of Eartha Kitt’s interview from 1982, Zakareishvili ponders on the meaning of “falling in love” and reveals a deeply resonant layer of her work. This is hypnagogic, hushed music, untroubled yet profound, which somehow waltzes past you in…

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    Mariana Ingold – Cara A Cara

    Uruguayan vocalist and musician Mariana Ingold has a storied reputation for her albums of children’s songs, environmental work and collaborations with the indigenous communities of her native country, but in 1986, she started recording some rather fine pop music as well.  She mixed candombe music with synthesizers to make a fusion which caught on in the country’s capital, Montevideo.  She is still quite active as a performer, but it’s quite a treat to see some of these recordings see the light of day after several decades of being out-of-print.

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    Various Artists – Bureau B 2022

    Bureau B has released so many incredible reissues that it has been hard to document all of them.  Artists released this year include Martin Rev (of Suicide), Cluster, Dieter Moebius, Jimi Tenor and Faust among so many others.  The label is incredibly prolific, and 2022 was another banner year for the label, and I can’t wait to see what’s in store for next year!

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    Denny Zeitlin with George Marsh & Mel Graves – The Name Of This Terrain

    American pianist and psychiatrist Denny Zeitlin has a body of work that is second to none, including winning several jazz awards and scoring films like Invasion of the Body Snatchers, but this album was hidden away at Zeitlin’s insistence, which is a shame, as it blends avant-jazz, funk, rock and some works that would feel comfortably familiar to fans of Frank Zappa.  It’s a weird, but rewarding, disc, and it’s such a treat to see that Zeitlin finally relented to its release.

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    Pekka Pohloja – Jokamies (Everyman)

     Jokamies (‘Everyman’ in Finnish) is a collection of tracks for a television series of the same name composed by the Finnish bassist Pekka Pohjola.  After his work with the hard-rock/progressive outfit Wigwam, he ventured into jazz fusion (perhaps New Age as well) and made some of the most impressive albums in the genre during the 1970s and 1980s, culminating, in my estimation, in this album.

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    Richard Dawson – The Ruby Cord

    Richard Dawson’s latest album is a fascinating listen.  It mixes vocals that could fit in well with English folk, psychedelic rock, prog and AOR music, while being musically underpinned by something that could almost pass for freak folk at times, while falling back now and again on progressive rock structures.  The album shapes and shifts on each track, and I was constantly surprised by what Dawson would come up with next.  I don’t do Top Tens, but if I did, this would easily make such a list.