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    Alfred Hitchcock Presents – Music To Be Murdered By

    A note of thanks to one of the great oddball reissue labels, Vreemde Opties Records, who operate out of Belgium.  Apparently, they have taken the time to license used-bin treasures like this and remaster them well enough to sound spectacular on your computer (or however you choose to listen to these). This one, of course, comes the Alfred Hitchcock Presents television show.  It’s a collection of music which appeared on said program many years ago, and I never thought I’d see this gem reissued.  Bravo.

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    Gabor Csupo – Blue Yonder For Pluto

    I have the pleasure of sharing an album of electronic music composed by my friend and old boss, Gabor Csupo (of Klasky-Csupo fame).  As well as being an animation legend, he’s a rather fine electronic music composer in the vein of groups like Tangerine Dream, Holger Czukay’s solo work, or a more sunny Brian Eno.  This album has more of a ‘soundtrack’ feel to it, and it serves as a paean to the loss of Pluto, his beloved dog (may his memory be eternal).  As a dog owner, I understand the pain, and the disc is a touching tribute to…

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    Zoran Simjanović – Grlom u Jagode

    Zoran Simjanović was a film music composer, film music editor and soundtrack composer from Serbia in the Former Yugoslavia.  While talking with my girlfriend, we discussed the passing of actor Branko Cvejić, and she made mention that he starred in the TV series Grlom u Jagode.  The soundtrack was quite popular in its day, and Simjanović composed this slice of Yugo-nostalgia.

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    Gil Talmi – Unspooled

    Thanks to my friend and Galego brother Andrés, I’ve come across a soundtrack composer and sound designer out of New York called Gil Talmi.  He has been nominated for an Emmy Award (presumably in soundtrack music and apparently fond of working on socially conscious projects. I’m far from a bleeding heart, but it’s good to see someone try to change the world a bit, a project at a time.  As for the music, it’s quite good, well-designed, and it holds up surprisingly well when compared to a lot of modern classical music, as well as progressive and electronic music.

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    Pyotr Mamanov RIP

    We at MYNTH mourn the loss of the singer of Zvuki Mu and actor of one of the most beautiful films of the past 30 years, Ostrov (The Island), has passed away at the age of 70. Вечная память, брат во Христе и великий художник.