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    Igor Vasilev Novogradska – Bikini Moon (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

    If Andrei Tarkovsky had Edward Artemiev as his soundtrack specialist and early Roman Polański had Krzysztof Komeda, then it stands to reason that Macedonian auteur Milcho Manchevski would have his in Igor Vasilev Novogradska. Parts of this new soundtrack are filled with dirge-like qualities befitting this movie, but what truly impressed me were at the end of the album.  Chessboard sounds like it would fit somewhere in the Fourth World period of Jon Hassell’s early work, and on the ninth and final track, if you go to about 07:26 into it, you will hear a song so blatantly new wave…

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    Les Rencards – Les Rencards

    Les Rencards are a band based out of France which produce a garage rock-meets-yé-yé sound, made up of a Frenchman, a Brazilian and two Catalans, released by the erstwhile Groovie Records out of Portugal.  Their sound is raw and authentic.

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    The Traffic – Fire​/​Bangarang

    The first thing that came into my mind hearing The Traffic was that they have mastered the psych-soul formula to a tee.  The first track, Fire, is a Jimi Hendrix cover where the flute takes the place of Hendrix’s legendary guitar playing, and it sounds damn solid.  The second track, Bangarang, sounds like something that would have fit in well with a hip Blaxploitation soundtrack, with a heavy funk element to the track.

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    Shin Joong Hyun & Yup Juns – Shin Joong Hyun & Yup Juns

    repsychled Records out of Peru are known for releasing scorching garage rock from their native country, but they have dipped their fingers until the shimmering pools of South Korean psychedelic music as well. Shin Joong Hyun is considered South Korea’s ‘godfather of rock’, and he has been comfortable working not only with psych but with folk-rock, pop and soul.  This particular album with done with Yup Juns, his backing band, and you can hear influences from blues rock to Jimi Hendrix in this disc.

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    417.3 – 47

    417.3 appeared on my radar about 7-8 years ago when I was trying to explore more about Russian post-rock.  They are a heavy instrumental band, but not overly “mathy” or anything like this. 47 is a one-track single with the sort of shimmering guitar playing that one would expect from post-rock bands, as it seems to be the calling card of the non-metal end of the genre’s spectrum.

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    Zoran Simjanović – Grlom u Jagode

    Zoran Simjanović was a film music composer, film music editor and soundtrack composer from Serbia in the Former Yugoslavia.  While talking with my girlfriend, we discussed the passing of actor Branko Cvejić, and she made mention that he starred in the TV series Grlom u Jagode.  The soundtrack was quite popular in its day, and Simjanović composed this slice of Yugo-nostalgia.

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    Ilir Lluka – Twelve Years of Nihilism

    Ilir Lluka, a composer out of Tirana, Albania, is one of the best active experimental musicians in the Balkans.  He works in the mediums of electroacoustic music, electronic, drone and sound art.  From his Bandcamp site: The title of Ilir Lluka’s new digital album “Twelve Years of Nihilism” refers to his period of creativity and musical productivity of Ilir Lluka. The artist considers himself a realist but agrees that his feeling of pessimism about mankind can somehow come close to the semantic concept of the nihilist when regarding it from the object of inspiration point of view. The four tracks…

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    Abadir – Mutate

    SVBKVLT is a label based in Shanghai, China who have an international outlook.  A perfect example is this band, the Egyptian artist Abadir, who works in the field of experimental electronic music and glitch.

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    Moğollar – Anatolian Sun

    Moğollar were, arguably, the founders of the Anatolian Rock scene in Turkey during the 1960s and 1970s.  Thanks to glorious reissue programs like this one done by, I believe, Gulbaba Records, you can hear mellow, fuzzy and Beatlesque Andalou music lovingly remastered.  A gem of an album.

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    Various Artists – Pierre Barouh and the Saravah Sound

    As I’ve been stewing over this release for well over a month now, it’s exciting to finally announce that today, this scorching compilation is finally available on vinyl and download from our friends at WeWantSounds.  In fact, the only depressing thing about this gem is that I can’t hear it on vinyl yet as I’m currently in Belgrade, Serbia, waiting to see where I move to next before settling down back in the Czech Republic. Normally, I’ll either place my own personal thoughts about a music, or use clippings from a press release, but the Saravah story needs a bit…