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    Jeff Gburek – Eyeless: Microtonal Mandolin

    Jeff Gburek returns to these pages presenting an album featuring himself improvising on his mandolin.  The album is sparse and very well recorded. The clarity really helps one to focus on the sounds emanating from his weapon of choice.  Think of a mix between experimental music, jazz, a horror soundtrack, and your friend musing.

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    Oluko Imo – Oduduwa

    You would be forgiven, I’d imagine, if you thought this release came to us from Nigeria, but as it turns out, Oluko Imo comes from Trinidad.  I had no idea they had Afrobeat there.  Imo is ably supported by both the legendary Fela Kuti and his son, Femi.  Quite an impressive release.

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    Attilio Zanchi – Mingus Portrait (DJ Farrapo Remixes)

    Attilio Zanchi is an Italian bassist who is producing fire with this EP!  For Harry Carney (DJ Farrapo Remix)  is perfect moody downtempo dance fare with a film noir element about it. Boogie Stop Shuffle (DJ Farrapo Remix) provides truth in advertising, as the beat is funky and danceable.  The track that left me the most impressed was For Harry Carney (Digital Pro Mix), remixed into a smoky tunes. Jazzy, funky, downtempo… This hits all the markers for me of a great EP.  Kudos to Right Tempo for publishing yet another killer release.

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    Oidopuaa Vladimir Oiun – Divine Music From Jail

    A snippet from Oidopuaa Vladimir Oiun’s outsider release at his Bandcamp site: “Oidupaa spent 33 years of his 55 years of life in prison – in fact, this album was recorded in prison. Oidupaa himself claimed that his conflicts with Soviet legislation were slander, which often happened with other Tuvan artists of that time. During his imprisonment, Oidupaa Vladimir became a believer and glorified God through his songs, thereby creating an unprecedented combination of Tuvan throat singing and Christian tradition: “With all my voice, throughout the whole universe, I glorify you, my Heavenly Father – among distant people, among near…

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    Jimi Tenor with Cold Diamond & Mink – Is There Love In Outer Space?

    Many thanks to Timmion Records for combining the talents of Finnish multi-instrumentalist and Welsh collective Cold Diamond & Mink.  From the Timmion Records Bandcamp site: The first album out is titled “Is There Love In Outer Space?”, which begs the question with the force of five extended tracks that are guaranteed to blow your mind to the stratosphere. The pieces are loaded with whooshing and glistening synth noises and span from lofi space funk to cinematic soundscapes. The sweetly floating title track is like some of those galactic ballads that rare soul collectors are spending their pensions on. At the…