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    Amine Mesnaoui & Labelle – African Prayers

    What a strangely beautiful album… From the duo’s Bandcamp site: Berlin and Reunion based duo, Amine Mesnaoui and Labelle are set to release their debut album on revered London independent imprint Lo Recordings on the 1st of April 2022. ‘African Prayers’ is a collection of seven new compositions, which includes lead single ‘Bleu Noir’, that aims to bring a contemporary and fresh interpretation to the Lila Ritual of the Moroccan Gnawa masters – also known as the Ritual of the Seven Colors. With a firm belief they can deliver a sound that finds its anchor in heritage and yet escape…

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    Roz Vitalis – 20 Years – Alive and Well

    Roz Vitalis are a progressive rock band out of St. Petersburg, Russia, who have wowed audiences worldwide by blending symphonic prog with slightly more avant-garde tendencies.  The tracks here are recorded live, but don’t let that dissuade you from trying out this album.  The sound is crisp and full, and the performances are a nice development from their studio work.

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    Chris Child & Micah Frank – Tape Pieces Vol​​.​​ 3

    Chris Child & Micah Frank are two incredible composers out of the New England area of the United States.  From this particular release’s Bandcamp site: Tape Pieces Vol. 3 represents the final installment in the collaboration between composer/producer Chris Child (Kodomo) and sound artist Micah Frank. Volume 3 culminates in a rich cacophony of noise and emotional charge while still remaining subdued in a contemplative state. Chris and Micah continue exploring simple asynchronous micro loops, layering upon them until what emerges becomes a rich ecosystem of interwoven parts, embracing unexpected noises and sounds disintegrating. It is perhaps the most experimental…

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    John Patton – Soul Connection

    Big John Patton was a legendary jazz keyboardist and master of the Hammond B-3 organ.  This session, released by Nilva Records originally, was criminally hidden away, but thanks to Jazz Room Records, it’s getting not only a second life, but it’s led to a further appreciation of Patton’s abilities.  A killer groove-laden album, indeed.

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    Digre – The Way of a Pilgrim

    Minimal synths, plinking and plonking keyboard, a gothic air, a mention of the Orthodox work The Way Of The Pilgrim, and dedicated to the memory of St. Olav the Holy Martyr-King – that was enough to perk my interest in the band Digre. The notes on their Bandcamp site makes them sound like fascinating people doing an interesting project and will be shared on the holiest of days in the Orthodox calendar.  May your day be calm and peaceful.

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    Children’s & Youth Choir “Sophia” – Christ Has Risen

    No reviews today, as we celebrate the victory of Christ over death itself.  May you, fellow Orthodox and those who celebrate on the Julian Calendar, enjoy Easter! Arabic: El Messieh kahm! Chinese: Helisituosi fuhuole! Czech: Vstal z mrtvých Kristus! Georgian: Kriste aghsdga! Greek: Christos anesti! Latin: Christus resurrexit! Romanian: Hristos a inviat! Russian: Khristos voskrese! Serbian: Hristos vaskrse! Spanish: Cristo ha resucitado! Ukrainian: Khristos voskres!

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    Various Artists – Weedian: Trip To Germany

    Though I’m not much of a metal guy, I have grown fond of things like desert rock, stoner rock, drone metal and other variants.  The online label Weedian has been releasing free (or pay-what-you-like) compilations of bands in local scenes, and this one covers Germany in 62 tracks.  Most of these bands are surprisingly good, and those of you into things like Saint Vitus or Black Sabbath will find plenty to enjoy in this album.