Cristina Quesada – Dentro Al Tuo Sogno

Cristina Quesada seems to be the missing link between Italo-Disco, Debby Harry, France Gall and indie-pop.  She appears on Elefant Records, one of Spain’s finest independent record labels, and this album absolutely floors its competition.  It’s perhaps the funnest record I’ve heard in months, with the energy of a power-pop disc.  Worthwhile!

Cecilia Ann – Azul

Cecilia Ann are an indie-rock group out of Granada, Spain, who have a wonderful jangly pop sound which reminded me of acts like Biff Bang Pow!  The production is crisp, the sound is garage-friendly and the label they’re on, Elefant, produce a lot of amazing music.

BlindººCoyote – Along The Cracklefield Wash

Our dear friend Drem Bruinsma, the BlindººCoyote in question, provides a 20-minute track of ambient loops, eerie rhythms and and enchanting soundscapes.  From his Bandcamp site: “Inspired by personal hikes into various shadowless desert arroyos, to meet with silence, coyotes, antelope, dust and rocks, leveling with tumbleweeds and sagebrushes from a different perspective, walking on …

La Montaña Rusa 44.2021. Especial Pat Martino

blockquote class=”wp-embedded-content”>La Montaña Rusa 44.2021. Especial Pat Martino. Today is a rest day for me, so I spent it listening to my friends at Spain’s greatest jazz podcasts, La Montaña Rusa.  The program is dedicated to guitarist Pat Martino, who passed away recently. The tracklist: El Hombre (06:00). El Hombre, 1967. Prestige Records. Cisco (04:32). …

Alejandra and Aeron – España 1998​-​2004

Alejandra Salinas and Aeron Bergman have been working together as sound and multimedia artists since at least 1997, and perhaps farther back, though their prodigious corpus vitae isn’t so clear on when, exactly, they began recording together.  One can surmise that they have been collaborating on CD since 1998, if this compilation is anything to …