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    Boutaiba S’Ghir – Fidak Elyoum

    MCPE Records is a French label who seem to specialize in great North African music.  This release featured what looks to have been a cassette by Algerian Raï singer Boutaiba S’Ghir, and it’s as joyous and synthy as one would expect from the genre.

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    Mikhail Chekalin – Special Selected Works

    Mikhail Chekalin is one of the elder statesmen of Soviet electronic music.  This is a collection of more orchestral works, and the remastering work is very well done.  There are elements of Berlin School electronica and dark ambient which will appeal to a wide range of listeners.

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    Skáld – Huldufólk

    Your browser does not support iframes.    The French collective Skáld come as a revelation to me.  These are Frenchmen who expertly perform Nordic music and imbue it with everything from folk music to metal. From the band’s press release: “As the heirs of the ancient poets known as skalds, the SKÁLD group, with one song after another, tames this folk tradition. We can lose ourselves in the hills of Danish elves, and meet Swedish nymphs, as we listen to the ballad of Herr Mannelig, the tale of a female troll who hopes to become human (by attempting to wed…

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    Etron Fou Leloublan – Les Poumons Gonfl​é​s

    Etron Fou Leloublan are (were?) an avant-guard rock band out of France whose main claim to fame was being one of the early bands who would end up forming the genre Rock In Opposition, a loosely-knit group of bands who opposed the business which refused to recognize their music, according to a Wikipedia article. This album was released some time between 1981 and 1982, had Fred Frith producing it, and it’s as skronky and noisy as one would expect.  For those of you who like a more free-jazz spirit to their prog rock, consider giving this a listen.

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    1414E08 vs The Last American Poet – Necronomicon

    Harold Bertram, a sound designer out of Germany who works under the name 1414E08 collaborates with The Last American Poet, Shane Beck.  Shane’s calming voice and choice of subject matter, the infamous American horror-meister H. P. Lovecraft are expertly couched by Bertram’s horror-drone soundtrack.  Remarkable.

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    Bruce Licher – Tape Excavation (Special Expanded Edition)

    Bruce Licher is an icon in the art-punk/post-punk/post-Industrial music scene.  He was a member if the seminal band Savage Republic, runs Independent Projects Records and Independent Projects Press for his graphic design work. Though we’re a bit early to the party, so to speak, Bruce will be reissuing an album called Tape Excavation, which has been supplemented with bonus material and will feature the gorgeous letterpress artwork he and the projects he works with are known for.  I am sure that this will sell out very quickly, so you’ve been warned – now is a good time to pre-order this…

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    Youmna Saba – Arb’een (40)

    Lebanese singer and oudist Youmna Saba offers up 40, an album of experimental music, but not in the way you think. From her Bandcamp site: “”Arb‘een (40)” is a solo experiment in songwriting, challenging narrative structures and proposing alternative readings of time and continuity. It is rendered by use of oud and guitar, and vocals inspired by the circularity of the project’s recurrent themes. It borrows elements from the Arabic music tradition, and blends them with electronic treatments, sonic textures and loops.”