Gleb Kolyadin – The Outland

Gleb Kolyadin is the pianist of Russian progressive rock band iamthemorning, but in this release, he has no problem mixing prog rock with jazz fusion.  The album is full of guests, but perhaps the biggest one is King Crimson’s legendary bassist and Chapman stick player Tony Levin playing upright bass.  Solid.

La Compagnia Digitale – La Compagnia Digitale

This is a weird little gem.  The three tracks on this album point not only to La Compagnia Digitale’s roots as an Italian progressive rock band, but there are even elements of the Berlin School which would make Klaus Schulze and Tangerine Dream proud.  Think of this as a more Krautrock-infused Goblin.

A.M Ferrari Fradejas – Shiarkha

Our beloved friend A.M Ferrari Fradejas has a new album out consisting of six tracks filled with lush, yet quite heavy, progressive rock tinged with black metal if you listen closely.  The release features some guitar work by her husband, the inestimable Santiago Fradejas, and the whole album smolders wonderfully.

Yamila – Visions

Mexican composer Yamila produces music similar to Rock-In-Opposition legends like Art Zoyd, Univers Zéro and fellow countrymen Decibel. The music is heavy, brooding, and dense. From her label, Umor Rex’s Bandcamp site: “Her voice and music –sometimes torn and others buoyant– could resemble the score for a biblical passage (ie. visions of the Apocalypse), for …

Y Bülbül – Fever

What a charmingly weird discovery this is!  Yiğit Bülbül is a London-based musician whose roots are in Turkey, and this mini-album combines the experimentation of artists like Holger Czukay with the dulcet sounds of Serge Gainsbourg’s backing band in their calmer moments.  A surreal release this one…