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    Gold – Premium

    Gold has made an appearance on the blog before and left a great impression, reminding me that noise can still be a valuable genre.  His latest release is more wall-of-feedback sound, but rather than something horrid and abrasive, this has a more natural feel to it, like an immense wave of water crashing down on rocks.  Powerful, but with an organic element to it that I appreciate.

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    Etran de L’Aïr – 100% Sahara Guitar

    From Sahel Sounds’ promo sheet, and this is an album worth waiting for!: “Etran de L’Aïr the STARS OF THE AÏR, the longest running wedding band in AGADEZ, capital of Tuareg guitar, return with a new album of sun-schlazed desert sound! Their first album, No.1, brought their music to critics and fans. Their second album, Agadez, sent them into the international touring circuit. And now they’re back with 100% SAHARA GUITAR, ready to take on the world, with those swinging melodies, like a sandstorm blowing in from across the sea. Etran de L’Aïr are 100% SAHARA, and that goes same…

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    Rare Soviet Oriental Jazz & Groove Mix Compiled and Mixed by Sasha Svistunov

    Once upon a time, I had a decent working knowledge (at least for an American expat) of Soviet Jazz.  It keeps popping back into my life, and I still find it a joy to listen to even 30 years down the road.  Thanks to Shasha Svistunov for compiling some real treasures here, including quite a few whose names are new to me! Brief run-down in English Tracklist: 1. Oleg Kutsenko Leningrad Instrumental Ensemble – Oriental Suite (Oleg Kutsenko, 1975) 2. Kavkaz Jazz Trio – Borjomi Park (Vagif Mustafa Zadeh, 1966) 3. Vadim Ludvikovski Ensemble – Rhythm Dance (Arno Babadjanian, 1961)…

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    Paniyolo + Akio Watanabe – 家並み – Yanami

    From the release’s Bandcamp site: “A guitarist Paniyolo and a steelpan player Akio Watanabe are releasing a duo album “Yanami (The row of houses)”. Based on the 11 sketches, they have painted a space kept in tranquil atmosphere with a guitar and a steelpan, each sketch has a glimpse of subject what could be found as you spent more time at home. Focused on the familiar daily life environment that we have overlooked, each piece of music is written with margins and lingering sound. This album is released for the first time in four years, since their release of previous…

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    Hull of Light – Gilded Liminal Shrines

    Here we have Hull of Light, an “…international collective of cosmic cowboys and cowgirls with members from Megason, Suffering Hour, Zeresh (our beloved friends), Underground Spiritual Game & Sleepwalker [夢遊病者].”  The music was absolutely not what I was expecting, as a few of these come from a raw, powerful black metal background.  Not this EP.  This sounds like it would have fit with early 1980s post-punk.  There is an aggression, a lo-fi quality to it that screams to be noticed.  I thoroughly enjoyed having my ears blasted by this.

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    Marcos Valle & Leon Ware – Feels So Good

    Thanks to Marcos Valle doing a bit of cleanup in his home, Far Out Recordings proudly present a 7-inch single of a track Marcos and the late Leon Ware worked on in Los Angeles during the 1980s.  Here’s the back story, courtesy of Marcos’ Bandcamp site: “In 1979, together in an LA Studio, Valle and Ware recorded a demo which would remain unfinished for 44 years, as Valle recalls: “This demo tape Leon and I recorded… I found the tape on a shelf in my house, it must have been there for over forty years! I showed it to Daniel…