About Us

Your music collection can use a bit of work. We’re here to help!

Music You Need To Hear is a collection of music fans whose sole purpose in life is to recommend different music from all over the world to those of you who don’t normally explore new sounds. We have nothing against popular music or culture, but we want to supplement your knowledge of music that you might not have access to.

Sure, you might be into some country band from Tulsa, Oklahoma, but maybe you might dig music from Timbuktu, Mali. We point you to the most interesting music, film and anything else that might be crucial to your entertainment needs.

If you listen to vinyl, great! If digital music is your thing, fair enough! We can point you to resources to aid in your listening pleasure. We don’t normally make drink selections to pair with your hi-fi audio collection, but if you ask politely, we’re happy to think of suggestions for your benefit.

Rudy Carrera and Steven Shore (RIP) are the men running this project.

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