Biensüre – Biensüre

We at MYNTH are elated that our friends at WeWantSounds have another spicy platter on offer from their label. This one comes to us from the Marseille-based band Biensüre. From the label’s press release: Biensüre’s influences are varied and transcend generations and borders. Ranging from the Anatolian pop scene of the 70s and 80s with …

Noël Akchoté – J​.​(​B​.​)​B. (For Jaimie)

The avant-garde music scene lost an incredible talent in the form of Jaimie Branch, who passed away on August 22nd at the age of 39.  The blog’s friend, Noël Akchoté offers a lovely tribute album by transcribing the trumpeter’s work into works for solo acoustic guitar.  It’s a raw album even by improv standards.

A.M Ferrari Fradejas – Shiarkha

Our beloved friend A.M Ferrari Fradejas has a new album out consisting of six tracks filled with lush, yet quite heavy, progressive rock tinged with black metal if you listen closely.  The release features some guitar work by her husband, the inestimable Santiago Fradejas, and the whole album smolders wonderfully.

Les Rencards – Les Rencards

Les Rencards are a band based out of France which produce a garage rock-meets-yé-yé sound, made up of a Frenchman, a Brazilian and two Catalans, released by the erstwhile Groovie Records out of Portugal.  Their sound is raw and authentic.

Various Artists – Pierre Barouh and the Saravah Sound

As I’ve been stewing over this release for well over a month now, it’s exciting to finally announce that today, this scorching compilation is finally available on vinyl and download from our friends at WeWantSounds.  In fact, the only depressing thing about this gem is that I can’t hear it on vinyl yet as I’m …

Internal Fusion – IWWA

I suppose we can coin a new term for this magnificent music out of Breton dark ambient composer Eric Latteux (who composed under the name Internal Fusion): Kosmische dark ambient. I seem to be finding a fair amount of music like this these days, and our dear friends at Mahorka have released another gem.

Various Artists – La Souterraine: Vallée du Don

La Souterraine are one of France’s coolest indie labels.  They frequently release compilations of alternative music influenced by chanson, bedroom pop and post-punk.  Some of the ditties on offer are almost Beatlesque in their pop perfection.  Vallée du Don is one I stumbled upon, but the whole catalog is worth exploring.