Johnny Gandelsman – This Is America – An Anthology 2020-2021

Before I left to China in 2018, the last concert I caught was Iranian-Kurdish master Kayhan Kalhor along with Brooklyn Rider.  As it turns out, their violinist, Johnny Gandelsman, was selling one of his albums on vinyl, which I duly purchased (and have nearly worn out).  I’m pleased to say he has new work out, though …

Aaron Martin – The End of Medicine (Original Score)

Lost Tribe Sound continues to surprise and amaze me with the quality of not only the experimental music on the label, but the soundtracks as well.  Cellist Aaron Martin has released his score for the documentary The End Of Medicine, and it’s a deeply resonant collection of music.  From Aaron’s Bandcamp site: This original score …

Kosta T – крип

Kosta Trokai is a Russian violinist whose work I’ve followed for several years now.  He has a massive catalog behind him and it straddles comfortably between classical music and free improvisation.  

Tegh & Adel Poursamadi – Ima (ایما)

Tegh & Adel Poursamadi are a duo from Tehran, Iran, who are bringing a new spin to electroacoustic and experimental music.  Sadly, only one track is available for the moment, but it shows how the duo meld string instruments and electronic soundscapes together seamlessly.

Adrian Copeland – If This Were My Body

Sublime.  There’s no other word for it.  If you enjoy modern classical music, especially by composers like Gorecki, Ligeti or Penderecki, Canadian composer Adrian Copeland has something here which will appeal to you, with long, mournful drones, sparse instrumentation, and a rough, melancholic feel to the tracks.  Track 4, Heir to the Ember Sun, was …

Nyokabi Kariuki – Peace Places: Kenyan Memories

When I hear the words Avant-garde in relation to contemporary classical music, I think normally of some me composers who pull out old, clichéd tropes. This release from Kenyan composer Nyokabi Kariuki is so stunningly weird that the album has given itself the right to be termed Avant-garde correctly.