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    ‘Jeffersons’ Star Sherman Hemsley Was A Huge Prog Rock Fan

    tha As it turns out, ‘Jeffersons‘ star Sherman Hemsley was one of my clients while I was working at Aron’s Records off and on during the 1990s.  He was an absolute gentleman who always had a kind word, and he thoroughly impressed me with his progressive rock knowledge and the special orders he would give me to hunt down.  My fellow buyers and floor staff told me that he was instrumental in bringing a lot of prog to Los Angeles (especially the legendary band Gong).  This article I’m sharing came as a surprise that he and Yes singer Jon Anderson…

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    [Article] Omega — “Utazás A Szürke Folyón”/”Journey on the Grey River: Brace for the Obscure (60s rock)! — May 20, 2023

    As I will be busy on Sundays for the forseeable future, I will be posting articles on other blogs, or podcasts I find on Youtube, for your entertainment.  Today’s installation comes from the blog Brace for the Obscure (60s rock)! / Off the Charts: 60s Rock Revelations, a great read for those of you who like weird psych music.  Today’s installment covers Omega, Hungary’s greatest progressive rock band.  You can read the article here.

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    David Bowie – Lodger (2017 Remix) – Classic Music Review

    Thirty years on, still no one is quite sure where to place Lodger. In a way, that’s appropriate: as the title suggests, it’s a record that doesn’t … David Bowie – Lodger (2017 Remix) – Classic Music Review I’ve had the pleasure of following altrockchick for a good while now. This is one of the best reads on a reissue I’ve perused in at least a year, so I am happy to introduce my readers to her stellar work.

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    [The Soundtrack Of My Life] If ~ Live at the BBC

    No reviews today as my girlfriend and I will be walking around the Buda area in Budapest, but I’d like to introduce you to Adam Baruch, an exceptionally gifted writer who I have been following for many years.  He has a gift for writing eloquently about jazz and rock, is a director of the Singer Jazz Festival, and on this post, he writes about the legendary jazz-rock/brass-rock band If.  He is worth following, and if you like what you read, consider joining his Facebook group.

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    [Article] New CD-Vinyl Hybrid Format For Audio Unveiled

    Happy Mother’s Day to the readers of MYNTH! As there are no reviews scheduled today, we instead link to a rather interesting article over at The Quietus, where legendary bluesman T-Bone Burnett has launched a company showing off a new hard media format he calls Iconic Originals, a format which blends the best parts of CDs and LPs together. I’ll have to see if it lives up to the hype, but the format is surely worth exploring.  Sadly, the company doesn’t have a website presence yet.

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    [Press Release] Robert Fripp “Exposures” 32-Disc Box Set To Be Released May 27, 2022

    I normally don’t post press releases (that may change soon), but this is a monumental event for me.  Our friends at Glass Onyon PR explain further: 25 CDs, 3 DVDs (audio only), 4 Blu-Ray discs (audio only) Packaged in a 12” boxed set with 48-page booklet including extensive notes by Sid Smith and Al Okada plus press releases, photos and memorabilia. The long-awaited 32-disc boxed set of Robert Fripp in the studio and in concert 1977 – 1983 will be released on 27th May 2022. The set will feature many previously unreleased tracks, outtakes and rarities as well as numbers…

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    News Article: Is Old Music Killing New Music?

    Ted Gioia has penned an important article on the state of modern music at The Atlantic Magazine. I’m generally in agreement with him, but as a Gen-X-er, I do agree that modern music is utter trash. Where music is thriving is on places like Bandcamp and, to a lesser degree, Soundcloud, where fresh talent can be found daily. Record shops, according to Gioia, are “caught in a time warp” and he’s right, as they make more money on reissues than on new product.  Radio stations and so-called awards shows are full of cowardice and fluff, and will do nothing to…

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    Russian World Music Chart 2021

    I’m proud to have been asked to participate in helping to decide which albums would top the Russian World Music Chart.  Here is a press release on this event: Russian World Music Chart 2021 Making Russian world music visible to the world In October 2021, Russia’s first world music chart, the Russian World Music Chart (RWMC), was launched. The purpose of RWMC is to attract the attention of the world music community to the novelties of folk music of multinational Russia, as well as popularization and assistance in promoting unique musicians from remote corners of Russia in the Russian Federation…