Tag: Italy

  • Various Artists – Dracula – Music Inspired By The Bram Stoker’s Novel

    Our dear friends at Eighth Tower Records never cease to surprise us with their choices for topics.  This compilation, featuring the legendary Rapoon along with a slew of new artists, is dedicated to the novel that launched the career of Bram Stoker and make vampires alluring among the public well before movies exploded their importance […]

  • La Compagnia Digitale – La Compagnia Digitale

    This is a weird little gem.  The three tracks on this album point not only to La Compagnia Digitale’s roots as an Italian progressive rock band, but there are even elements of the Berlin School which would make Klaus Schulze and Tangerine Dream proud.  Think of this as a more Krautrock-infused Goblin.

  • Various Artists – Nyarlathotep – A Tribute To Howard Phillips Lovecraft

    Eighth Tower Records never disappoints!  Each compilation they put out is so well put-together that the themes fit the subject material perfectly!  This one is, of course, no exception.  It is a paean to H. P. Lovecraft, perhaps America’s foremost horror and science-fiction writers.  At least to my taste, Lovecraft is second only to Edgar […]

  • Various Artists – The Dystopian World of J​.​ G​.​Ballard

    Our dear friend Raffaelle Pellezza has curated another masterful compilation of dark ambient music focused on the British writer J. G. Ballard.  From the release’s Bandcamp site: “In April 2009, J. G. Ballard died at the age of 78. By the end of his life he was recognized as one of the greatest British writers […]

  • Galaverna – Wagdans

    I would have expected an album like this to come from England, the Netherlands or even somewhere in the Scandinavian realm, but to think that such a wonderfully played (and sung – in English!) album comes from Verona, Italy, of all places, shows that Galaverna are true students of such amazing bands as Tudor Lodge, […]

  • Alessandra Celletti – Sacajawea

    Within the next few weeks, I will conduct an interview with pianist Alessandra Celletti, a dear friend and one of Italy’s most colorful musicians.  This one is her latest, and its centerpiece is based on the Lemhi Shoshone teenager who not only led the American explorers Lewis & Clarke in their exploration of the Louisiana […]

  • Various Artists – Record Kicks 15th

    Italy’s Record Kicks has been releasing crime-funk, hip garage rock, deep soul, afro and boogaloo hits for 15 years so the label will be offering, as of May 15th, a compilation of some of their finest moments.  Bands on this killer comp include The Tibbs, Calibro 35 and our favorite neo-soul diva, Martha Ren.

  • Sonologyst – Interdimensional

    Our dear friend Raffaele Pezzella is not only a label empresario of note, whose works are featured here frequently due to the incredibly high quality – he is also an amazing composer. Interdimensional is bleak and heavy, with heavy drones throughout.  If you like artists like Lustmord, this will appeal to you.

  • Federico Mosconi – Air Sculptures

    Our friends at Lost Tribe Sound have at least three releases coming up which will be reviewed here.  I’m pretty excited to introduce you to ambient composer Federico Mosconi, whose compositions feel cavernous, made more impressive that he’s pulling this together with guitar and effects.  For those of you who appreciate the work of Spanish […]

  • Orphan Sound System – Tantric Tantrums

    Experimental music isn’t a genre that avails itself to the power trio.  In this case, however, Jeff Gburek, John El-Manahi and John Palumbo should be given such a venerable title.  The music they produce as Orphan Sound System is reminiscent of vintage progressive rock bands like Faust or Cranioclast but with production input by the Gyuto […]