Marcos Valle & Leon Ware – Feels So Good

Thanks to Marcos Valle doing a bit of cleanup in his home, Far Out Recordings proudly present a 7-inch single of a track Marcos and the late Leon Ware worked on in Los Angeles during the 1980s.  Here’s the back story, courtesy of Marcos’ Bandcamp site:

“In 1979, together in an LA Studio, Valle and Ware recorded a demo which would remain unfinished for 44 years, as Valle recalls:

“This demo tape Leon and I recorded… I found the tape on a shelf in my house, it must have been there for over forty years! I showed it to Daniel [Maunick]. He really loved it and we decided to develop the song for my new album. The demo had the groove, most of the instrumentation and Leon’s vocal. But the lyrics weren’t finished…”

In 2024, with the help of Maunick’s studio wizardry, Valle restored and sampled the original demo track, adding Portuguese lyrics alongside Leon’s vocal hook, as well as extra keyboards and percussion.

Traversing time and space in a way that might not have been possible before the emergence of new technologies, Daniel Maunick utilised AI stem-separation to remove the placeholder vocal ad-libs, which Valle replaced with his new lyrics.

With the original music treated with the care and reverence it deserves, this stirring soul masterpiece, conceived over four decades prior, retains all the visceral sensuality and authenticity of the golden era from which it emerged.”

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