Los Malinches – Planeta Náhuatl

I can’t seem to find much info on Los Malinches, an incredible psychedelic rock band out of Brazil, save their Facebook and Instagram accounts, but their latest album, Planeta Náhuatl, is phenomenal!  Fans of a Beatlesque style of garage rock, fuzz, and wild Latin American 60s music will be in heaven listening to this.

Soyuz (Союз) – Force of the Wind (​С​и​л​а в​е​т​р​а​)

Belarus is not what one would think of as a Brazilian music hotspot, though, if my friends in the country could enlighten me to the local music scene, I would really appreciate it.  Still, Soyuz, led by singer Alex Chumak blend a Brazil-meets-Santana-meets-funk beat and this album engages you quickly, making the listener want to …

Joyce Moreno – Feminina (produced arranged and conducted by Claus Ogerman)

Joyce Moreno (known mononymously simply as Joyce in Brazil) is one of the country’s finest exports, bringing a sultry and joyful voice to bossa nova, Música Popular Brasileira and jazz. She’s been covered by artists like Annie Lennox, Gerry Mulligan and Omara Portuondo, but this piece, a one-track opus, is one her finest works. It …

Hermeto Pascoal & Grupo – Só Não Toca Quem Não quer (1987) – Remastered

Brazil’s finest living export (to my ears, anyway) has been quite active over the past few years, but it’s nice to see some forgotten releases getting some exposure. The personnel on this album plays some wonderfully, uniquely Brazilian fusion. Hermeto Pascoal: Bandola, Piano, Teclados (Keyboard), Flugelhorn, Harmonium, Flauta Baixo (Bass Flute), Craviola, Acordeom (Accordion), Bombardino, …

Nyokabi Kariuki – Peace Places: Kenyan Memories

When I hear the words Avant-garde in relation to contemporary classical music, I think normally of some me composers who pull out old, clichéd tropes. This release from Kenyan composer Nyokabi Kariuki is so stunningly weird that the album has given itself the right to be termed Avant-garde correctly.

Gui Duvignau – Baden

Bassist and composer Gui Duvignau was born in France, but raised in Brazil.  In his latest album, he interprets some classic work by the legendary Brazilian guitarist Baden Powell, whose work left an indelible mark on the samba and bossa nova scene worldwide.

Kawol Samarqandi and George Christian – Telegraph Paths

The Internet, for all the garbage one finds on it, amazes me some days.  This album, a collaboration of a friend of the blog, George Christian (out of Brazil), collaborates with Kawol Samarqandi (based in Japan) and release this collection on a Spanish record label, Bestiar and an Australian label, Ramble Records.  The world becomes …