Les Rencards – Les Rencards

Les Rencards are a band based out of France which produce a garage rock-meets-yé-yé sound, made up of a Frenchman, a Brazilian and two Catalans, released by the erstwhile Groovie Records out of Portugal.  Their sound is raw and authentic.

Cristina Quesada – Dentro Al Tuo Sogno

Cristina Quesada seems to be the missing link between Italo-Disco, Debby Harry, France Gall and indie-pop.  She appears on Elefant Records, one of Spain’s finest independent record labels, and this album absolutely floors its competition.  It’s perhaps the funnest record I’ve heard in months, with the energy of a power-pop disc.  Worthwhile!

Air Volta – Volta Jazz

The 1200 Line is an expert reissue label bringing some amazing African music to the masses with meticulously recreated cover art and remastering.  This release is from Upper Volta, and it features cumbia rhythms, rhumba, Cuban son and yé-yé blended into a joyful mix. From the Bandcamp site: From the landlocked tropical savanna of Upper …