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    Scanner – Alchemeia

    Prepare yourselves for January 19, ten days from now!  The legendary Scanner (Robin Rimbaud in real life) has a new album out, “…a tribute to the early 1960s library music culture, applying crude techniques of electronic composition, using a mix of hardware and software. It explores a kind of musique concrète, electroacoustic character, in an otherworldly cinematic fashion.”  This will be a departure from his more experimental work, and should be a joy to listen to.  It will be released on Alltagsmusik, “a new label to release Scanner albums.”

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    Gianni Oddi – Dreamin’ / Geronimo

    Four Flies Records is an Italian label which “rescues golden age soundtracks from oblivion,” and we here are MYNTH are thankful for it!  This release is a 7-inch record by Italian saxophonist Gianni Oddi (in Italian) which blends a grimy funk with easy/cheesy/sleazy listening grooves.  This will definitely appeal to fans of library music as well as soundtracks.

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    Lalo Schifrin – Man On A Swing OST – Special Vinyl Edition

    We have the joy of announcing another well-done reissue by our friends at Wewantsounds!  This release is an expanded reissue of Lalo Schifrin’s soundtrack to director Frank Perry’s 1974 thriller, “Man On A Swing.” There are thirty tracks on this piece of vinyl, and you’ll hear everything from Schifrin’s typically sublime scoring, mixing jazz, Bossa Nova, and groove as well as library music.  The music is remastered from the original three-track masters and sounds incredibly punchy. Track List: Side 1 1. Maggie’s Theme 1 0.25 2. Juke Box Source 1.40 3. Evelyn Story 1.42 4. Beetle Search* 0.13 5. Rosehaven…

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    Bruno Battisti D’Amario – Tastiere Oggi

    Guitarist and soundtrack composer Bruno Battisti D’Amario was a major contributor and “first guitar” for the legendary Ennio Morricone, and with this album of library and lounge music, it highlights D’Amaro’s ability to mix funk, blues and even touches of psychedelic rock into a brilliant mix.  Truly incredible mood music.  Thanks to SONOR Music Editions for re-releasing this gem.

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    Zoran Simjanović – Grlom u Jagode

    Zoran Simjanović was a film music composer, film music editor and soundtrack composer from Serbia in the Former Yugoslavia.  While talking with my girlfriend, we discussed the passing of actor Branko Cvejić, and she made mention that he starred in the TV series Grlom u Jagode.  The soundtrack was quite popular in its day, and Simjanović composed this slice of Yugo-nostalgia.

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    Daniele Baldelli – Back My Funky Side

    Beefy, gritty, nasty funk.  That’s what you will hear from this  monster by DJ Daniele Baldelli.  There are elements of tribal funk, Afrobeat, and soundtrack music that wouldn’t be out-of-place in old German or Italian krimis or Poliziotteschi.  Calibro 35 would be the most apt comparison to Daniele’s work, but this feels more dance-floor-ready.