Shin Joong Hyun & Yup Juns – Shin Joong Hyun & Yup Juns

repsychled Records out of Peru are known for releasing scorching garage rock from their native country, but they have dipped their fingers until the shimmering pools of South Korean psychedelic music as well. Shin Joong Hyun is considered South Korea’s ‘godfather of rock’, and he has been comfortable working not only with psych but with …

Various Artists – Pierre Barouh and the Saravah Sound

As I’ve been stewing over this release for well over a month now, it’s exciting to finally announce that today, this scorching compilation is finally available on vinyl and download from our friends at WeWantSounds.  In fact, the only depressing thing about this gem is that I can’t hear it on vinyl yet as I’m …

Jawhar – Tasweerah

Some very mellow chamber rock can be found here by Tunisian singer Jawhar.  If you are a fan of groups like the Tindersticks, but are looking for something more exotic in sound, I can happily recommend this.

Alèmayèhu Eshèté – Alteleyeshegnem

Another day, another great loss to music.  The legendary Alèmayèhu Eshèté, known lovingly as the “Ethiopian Elvis,” passed away yesterday at the age of around 80.  I came across his work on this particular album, Éthiopiques 10: Tezeta – Ethiopian Blues & Ballads, and though I didn’t hear much Elvis (despite some physical similarities), I was floored by …

Jake Xerxes Fussell – Hills Of Mexico

Xerxes is not a name one comes across regularly in English, so when I saw James Xerxes Fusssell’s name pop up on my dashboard, I thought I’d give his music a listen.  I’m glad I did. This is a one-track release of blues-tinged music sung in a peculiar manner that I found to be enjoyable.