Tag: Sound Art

  • post doom romance – prairie transmission eight

    This track by Seah and Mykel Boyd (working together as post doom romance) is part of an elegant series of sound art made in their local area.  Mellow and very engaging music.

  • Various Artists – Anthology Of Contemporary Music From Greece

    Our dear friends at Unexplained Sounds Group in Italy continue to delight us at MYNTH!  This is yet another collection of the best of ambient music from around the world – this time concentrating in Greece.  Artists such as Costis Drygianakis, Savvas Metaxas and adarcah lead the way, but every artist in this comp contribute […]

  • Ilir Lluka – Twelve Years of Nihilism

    Ilir Lluka, a composer out of Tirana, Albania, is one of the best active experimental musicians in the Balkans.  He works in the mediums of electroacoustic music, electronic, drone and sound art.  From his Bandcamp site: The title of Ilir Lluka’s new digital album “Twelve Years of Nihilism” refers to his period of creativity and […]

  • Alejandra and Aeron – España 1998​-​2004

    Alejandra Salinas and Aeron Bergman have been working together as sound and multimedia artists since at least 1997, and perhaps farther back, though their prodigious corpus vitae isn’t so clear on when, exactly, they began recording together.  One can surmise that they have been collaborating on CD since 1998, if this compilation is anything to […]

  • Lezet – Tactile

    Lezet – Tactile

    Our dear friends at Kalamine Records have surprised me with yet another fine release.  This album comes from the project Lezet, which is the working name of my friend Igor Jovanović. It is fair to say that this is true experimental music, or perhaps it’s better to call this sound art.  The album is, as […]

  • Yann Novak – Bathed In Light And Rapture

    We’re lucky to have so many talented musicians and composers in Los Angeles covering all genres.  One of the most intriguing I’ve come across lately is Yann Novak, who hails from Wisconsin originally, but who is, like myself, a Southern Californian.  Yann has recorded with labels such as 901 Editions, Dragon’s Eye Recordings (which I […]