Ilir Lluka – Twelve Years of Nihilism

Ilir Lluka, a composer out of Tirana, Albania, is one of the best active experimental musicians in the Balkans.  He works in the mediums of electroacoustic music, electronic, drone and sound art.  From his Bandcamp site:

The title of Ilir Lluka’s new digital album “Twelve Years of Nihilism” refers to his period of creativity and musical productivity of Ilir Lluka. The artist considers himself a realist but agrees that his feeling of pessimism about mankind can somehow come close to the semantic concept of the nihilist when regarding it from the object of inspiration point of view. The four tracks of the album play an obscure soundtrack for moods that are at times suffering but dilated over time as in a precise perseverance in philosophical reflections that perhaps will never have a definitive solution and answer.

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