Les Rencards – Les Rencards

Les Rencards are a band based out of France which produce a garage rock-meets-yé-yé sound, made up of a Frenchman, a Brazilian and two Catalans, released by the erstwhile Groovie Records out of Portugal.  Their sound is raw and authentic.

TEKE::TEKE – Shirushi

TEKE::TEKE are a band out of Canada who combine a punk aesthetic with psychedelic music and Japanese soundtrack music from the 1960s.  It’s about as unique a release as I’ve heard in some time.

Various Artists – Record Kicks 15th

Italy’s Record Kicks has been releasing crime-funk, hip garage rock, deep soul, afro and boogaloo hits for 15 years so the label will be offering, as of May 15th, a compilation of some of their finest moments.  Bands on this killer comp include The Tibbs, Calibro 35 and our favorite neo-soul diva, Martha Ren.

Cecilia Ann – Azul

Cecilia Ann are an indie-rock group out of Granada, Spain, who have a wonderful jangly pop sound which reminded me of acts like Biff Bang Pow!  The production is crisp, the sound is garage-friendly and the label they’re on, Elefant, produce a lot of amazing music.

Ty Segall – Lemons

Ty Segall is a garage-rock music phenomenon, and this album shows him at his beat-rock best, mixing garage, psychedelic rock and the aforementioned beat music this album oozes.  Remarkably raw and impressive.

The Lords Of Altamont- Midnight to 666

From the ashes of local garage rock legends The Bomboras sprang, in something like a phoenix-like fashion, The Lords Of Altamont.  This particular album has been reissued by the Italian record label Heavy Psych Sounds, and as considered to be a rarity for garage rock music collectors. It was first pressed by the French record label …

Various Artists – The Psychedelic Sounds of The Blog That Celebrates Itself, Volume II

The Blog That Celebrates Itself was a website and record label based out of São Paolo, Brazil which dedicates itself to promoting shoegaze and other underground artists from all over the world, of course specializing in young Brazilian acts. This particular comp leans more towards pop-psych music, with covers from bands such as the Velvet …