Igor Vasilev Novogradska – Bikini Moon (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

If Andrei Tarkovsky had Edward Artemiev as his soundtrack specialist and early Roman Polański had Krzysztof Komeda, then it stands to reason that Macedonian auteur Milcho Manchevski would have his in Igor Vasilev Novogradska.

Parts of this new soundtrack are filled with dirge-like qualities befitting this movie, but what truly impressed me were at the end of the album.  Chessboard sounds like it would fit somewhere in the Fourth World period of Jon Hassell’s early work, and on the ninth and final track, if you go to about 07:26 into it, you will hear a song so blatantly new wave (and yes, that’s a great thing to me) that Duran Duran would tip their hats to the crescendo of this fine, if far too short, soundtrack.

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