Aaron Martin – The End of Medicine (Original Score)

Lost Tribe Sound continues to surprise and amaze me with the quality of not only the experimental music on the label, but the soundtracks as well.  Cellist Aaron Martin has released his score for the documentary The End Of Medicine, and it’s a deeply resonant collection of music.  From Aaron’s Bandcamp site:

This original score is Aaron’s first solo release presented by Lost Tribe Sound, even though the two have a long history of collaboration. The US label has previously released three albums from Aaron’s project with Dag Rosenqvist under the alias, From the Mouth of the Sun. Those titles include ‘Hymn Binding’ (2017), ‘Sleep Stations’ (2018), and ‘Light Caught the Edges’ (2021).

Aaron Martin is a Kansas-based cellist and composer. His solo work has appeared on Eilean Rec., IIKKI, and Preserved Sound, among other labels. In addition to his main music work, Aaron has recently begun scoring films, including a feature-length score for A24’s “Menashe” with Dag Rosenqvist and the Oscar shortlisted documentary short “A Broken House.””

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