Various Artists – Paroxysm: A Benefit Compilation For Leslie Keffer

Paroxysm: A Benefit Compilation For Leslie Keffer

Unfortunately, there is no way to embed into the website in the normal way, so please click on the link above to get a taste of some of the bands contributing to this noble cause.  From our friends at No Part Of It Records:
Leslie Keffer began making noise music with radios and vocals in 2003. Since then she has toured a good amount, and collaborated with key figures. Activity had to slow down when Keffer’s symptoms of epilepsy accelerated to the point of her being unable to work. She has been trying to get on disability for over five years. This is a benefit compilation to help ease some of that financial tension. If you would like to donate outside of Bandcamp, feel free to use the contact function on this site and get in touch.
If you have spare funds, and I know it’s difficult to give these days, it would be going to help ease the suffering of a good artist.

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