Amid The Ruins 1453 – Dyerwave Trilogy (All Dyerwave Tracks)

Dyerwave is a stand-alone genre sitting inside of synth-wave, which has produced a number of appealing artists who bring 1980s visual imagery and marry it to dystopian visions of the future.  The artist responsible for this release, Amid The Ruins 1453 is a Serbian composer and fellow Orthodox Christian who has expressed admiration for philosopher, …

Gruvi & CVTKVC – Pandora EP

It looks like Colombia has a rich techno scene, and the record label Psicodelica are spearheading it.  Gruvi seem to be based in Romania, and produce a very rich, bass-heavy minimal techno sound.  It is both dubby and danceable, and the B-track is even more stripped down with a remix by Serbian DJ CVTKVC.