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    Stephen Mallinder – tick tick tick

    With the death of Richard H. Kirk last year, my hopes are dashed for new material from Cabaret Voltaire.  However, Stephen Mallinder is carrying the torch of mid-period Cabs by combining a dark soundscape with rough electro-funk.  From his Bandcamp website: “Cabaret Voltaire co-founder Stephen Mallinder’s second solo outing for Dais further distills his signature fusion of minimal synth, oblique wordplay, and “wonky disco” into a riveting rhythm suite ripe for our age of escalation: tick tick tick. Channeling the temporal malaise of lockdown through a lusher palette of modular electronics and stereo strings, the songs embrace ambiguity and plasticity,…

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    [Article] New CD-Vinyl Hybrid Format For Audio Unveiled

    Happy Mother’s Day to the readers of MYNTH! As there are no reviews scheduled today, we instead link to a rather interesting article over at The Quietus, where legendary bluesman T-Bone Burnett has launched a company showing off a new hard media format he calls Iconic Originals, a format which blends the best parts of CDs and LPs together. I’ll have to see if it lives up to the hype, but the format is surely worth exploring.  Sadly, the company doesn’t have a website presence yet.

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    Alessandra Celletti – Sacajawea

    Within the next few weeks, I will conduct an interview with pianist Alessandra Celletti, a dear friend and one of Italy’s most colorful musicians.  This one is her latest, and its centerpiece is based on the Lemhi Shoshone teenager who not only led the American explorers Lewis & Clarke in their exploration of the Louisiana Territory but also became a symbol of women’s suffrage in the United States.

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    Kikagaku Moyo/幾何学模様 – Kumoyo Island

    Some very happy news today, as Japanese acid-folk-psych band Kikagaku Moyo have given us a fresh album. From their Bandcamp website: “In many ways ‘Kumoyo Island’ represents the culmination of a journey for Kikagaku Moyo. While their decade-long career can be summarized as a series of kaleidoscopic explorations through lands and dimensions far and near, there’s a strong intention in each of their works to take the listener to a particular place, however real or abstract they may be. In that sense, the title and cover art for the band’s fifth and final album draws you into a magical mass…

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    Various Artists – Record Kicks 15th

    Italy’s Record Kicks has been releasing crime-funk, hip garage rock, deep soul, afro and boogaloo hits for 15 years so the label will be offering, as of May 15th, a compilation of some of their finest moments.  Bands on this killer comp include The Tibbs, Calibro 35 and our favorite neo-soul diva, Martha Ren.

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    Valgeir Sigurðsson – Kvika

    Icelandic composer Valgeir Sigurðsson is a classical composer who has developed into the country’s leading light in terms of modern classical music. From his Bandcamp site: “Valgeir has become a master of sound to get lost in. Through his layering of his collaborators’ instrumental and vocal parts and a nuanced balance of electronic and organic sound, KVIKA is a perfect collection of moments that last only as long as they need before taking us elsewhere. After his award winning album Dissonance, it is a measure of his artistic inclinations that he looks to a shorter form of music making. Where…

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    Adrian Copeland – If This Were My Body

    Sublime.  There’s no other word for it.  If you enjoy modern classical music, especially by composers like Gorecki, Ligeti or Penderecki, Canadian composer Adrian Copeland has something here which will appeal to you, with long, mournful drones, sparse instrumentation, and a rough, melancholic feel to the tracks.  Track 4, Heir to the Ember Sun, was my favorite track, as it stays within the classical realm, but adds elements and a pop structure that reminded me of the Penguin Cafe Orchestra. A fine album.