William Ryan Fritch – Cohesion

William Ryan Fritch’s lastest disc is the, “second in a three-part series reflecting on the many calamitous water crises affecting life on this planet.”  Cohesion is a bit darker than the previous album, Polarity, but there is a more organic feel to it.

From Fritch’s Bandcamp site:

“In contrast to ‘Polarity,’ which was largely created by synthesized and electronic signals being transformed into acoustic phenomena. ‘Cohesion’ was constructed solely from acoustic instruments (baritone and alto saxophones, oboe, contrabass clarinet, bassoon, tuba, etc) mic’d and processed live to behave and sound like synthesized and/or sequenced sound sources. Using multiple contact mics, filters and overdrive circuits, even faint breaths and valve clicks are given a weight and presence that can anchor massive, heaving rhythms. The rattling irregularities of each horn are accentuated and fore-fronted in ways that make them behave like wholly new and grisly things.”


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