Jeff Gburek – The Art of Prepared Guitar Volume One

Jeff Gburek’s recent instrumental guitar album is a a wonderfully disjointed trip around his sonic weapon of choice.  It’s a truly wild work, but Jeff weaves his vast musical influences together with hints of a broken kind of blues, free jazz, improvisational skronk and psychedelic rock.

In Jeff’s words, which you can read in full at Ramble Records Bandcamp site:

In attempting to move into the future of the guitar or the post-guitar (as in the case of Kevin Drumm or Annette Krebs where the guitar became deconstructed and/or displaced into other electro-acoustic processes, if you will), I also discovered aspects of earlier ethnic music, blues and tonalities that hinted at other mysteries of acoustic resonance ecologies, bugs and ghosts in the machinations.”

As is the case with George Christian and Santiago Fradejas, I find few guitarists who play so well, both within and outside the rules of their instrument that it feels like an extension of their hands.  A masterful work.

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