Jeff Gburek – Still Life with a Question Mark

No wishes, no hopes for the year, just a pleasant way to gently slide into 2024.  We launch with Jeff Gburek’s latest release, of which he provides notes on his Bandcamp site:

Still Life with a Question Mark came together as an album rather quickly after I discovered loops unused from an older project fit very well with the latest work I’d done in seclusion at Dom Sztuk, Kęszyca. Captures of VLF radio (ionospheric geomagnetic crackling impulses), hydrophone recordings from Solacz pond, frame drums, zither played with ebow, looped guitar and string passages, synthesizer, shortwave radio, textures of leaves, wood, ash and pitches calibrated as overtones based on Schumann Resonance (the variable background vibration frequency of the planet that has served as backdrop for life’s evolution here). Gathered mainly in mid-October and composed in November. An early winter ambient album to inspire reflection and peace.”

Blogger, label owner, record store buyer and all around charming lad who loves to share music with one and all.

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