Chaigidel & Neraterræ – Lama​š​tu

Two of Italy’s best dark /ritual ambient projects, CHAIGIDEL and NERATERRÆ, have joined forces and created a deeply evocative ritualistic opus rich in various aural elements and sceneries. The title “Lamaŝtu” pays tribute to the Mesopotamian mythological malevolent goddess, the most terrible of all female demons, daughter of the sky god Anu and lover of Pazuzu.

CHAIGIDEL is Mattia Giovanni Accinni, devoted to the most evocative side of music; sonic offerings for Qliphotic rituals from the depths of occultism and the left-hand path. On his fourth release on Cyclic Law, Alessio Antoni’s NERATERRÆ joins compatriot CHAIGIDEL on this trance-like-state inducing aural experience, seeking for knowledge by unearthing the roots of all evil.

Black mantras, organic drones, tuvan throat singing, tibetan bells, doumbek, balaban, maaponim, shofar and ritual drums are the earthly tools chosen to cut through the soil of human beliefs and comprehension, and to reach for the purest and obscure states of being.

It is an incredibly dark album, but engaging nonetheless.

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