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    Victoria Wijeratne – Graces & Muses

    Dragon’s Eye Recordings tends to put out high-quality modern classical and ambient music, and now, they are introducing the world to serious talent.  Take Victoria Wijeratne for instance.  Her background is in scoring music for film and television, and this is her first proper release.  It does a great job fusing almost clinical experimental music with a modern classical flair to it.

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    Bruno Battisti D’Amario – Tastiere Oggi

    Guitarist and soundtrack composer Bruno Battisti D’Amario was a major contributor and “first guitar” for the legendary Ennio Morricone, and with this album of library and lounge music, it highlights D’Amaro’s ability to mix funk, blues and even touches of psychedelic rock into a brilliant mix.  Truly incredible mood music.  Thanks to SONOR Music Editions for re-releasing this gem.

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    Borut Kržišnik – Lightning

    I have a proud history with Slovenian composer and guitarist Borut Kržišnik.  Many years ago, I ran a small record label of note called Falçata-Galia, and I launched the label with his album Stories From Magatrea.  He has continued to make amazing music since then, and is currently exploring the point where contemporary classical music and soundtracks collide.  This release is from 2013.  I wish him continued success.

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    Julee Cruise (RIP) – Falling

    Sad news to report today.  Julee Cruise, who served as the muse for the David Lynch-directed TV series (and movie) Twin Peaks, and who had a massive hit with the song Falling, which was composed by Angelo Badalamenti, has passed away at the age of 65.  She had been suffering from lupus since at least 2018, when she announced her condition.  I had the pleasure of saying a few words to her during my earlier Facebook days, and she struck me as being a kind, unpretentious person.  Rest in peace.

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    Jerzy Milian – Optima Fide

    Jerzy Milian is one of the most important jazz musicians to ever come out of Poland.  In this rather expensive album, he is collaborating with the BRT Radio (now VRT Radio) Orchestra during the late 1960s.  The release showcases Milian’s vibraphone talents, but also shows how multi-faceted his music was, incorporating beat, rock and soundtrack music into his oeuvre.

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    Mora-Tau – Der Golem (2012)

    What a gem this one is from our friends at The Church of the Noisy Goat Records.  I’ll let them explain the work here: “Listen to the album Der Golem (2012) continuing the series of rarities re-released by this net-label covering the beginning of the very rich career of the masterful Japanese composer and improviser mora-tau aka Takenori Iwasaki who occupies a prestigious place in ours and in the best and most varied virtual shelves of Bandcamp because I know that we love to collect unusual music and totally free from aesthetic shackles. Conceived as a subjective soundtrack for the…

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    Daniele Baldelli – Back My Funky Side

    Beefy, gritty, nasty funk.  That’s what you will hear from this  monster by DJ Daniele Baldelli.  There are elements of tribal funk, Afrobeat, and soundtrack music that wouldn’t be out-of-place in old German or Italian krimis or Poliziotteschi.  Calibro 35 would be the most apt comparison to Daniele’s work, but this feels more dance-floor-ready.