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    Plume Girl – In the End We Begin

    A bliss-filled release from out mappa Records out of Slovakia from a new name, Plume Girl.  I’ll let the label describe this rather ethereal bit of emo folk, which you can read in full at their Bandcamp release site: “Already in its title, Plume Girl’s debut thoroughly lets things go and takes them in – all at once. “In the End We Begin” is the first solo full-length from Sowmya Somanath, a Hindustani classical singer/composer and half of alt-pop duo Felt Out. Plume Girl’s music takes inspiration from the semi-regular musical form of the rāga (translated as ‘tinting’), invoking mood…

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    Cristina Quesada – Dentro Al Tuo Sogno

    Cristina Quesada seems to be the missing link between Italo-Disco, Debby Harry, France Gall and indie-pop.  She appears on Elefant Records, one of Spain’s finest independent record labels, and this album absolutely floors its competition.  It’s perhaps the funnest record I’ve heard in months, with the energy of a power-pop disc.  Worthwhile!

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    Julee Cruise (RIP) – Falling

    Sad news to report today.  Julee Cruise, who served as the muse for the David Lynch-directed TV series (and movie) Twin Peaks, and who had a massive hit with the song Falling, which was composed by Angelo Badalamenti, has passed away at the age of 65.  She had been suffering from lupus since at least 2018, when she announced her condition.  I had the pleasure of saying a few words to her during my earlier Facebook days, and she struck me as being a kind, unpretentious person.  Rest in peace.

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    Luna Abu Nassar – I’ll Tell You [أحكيلِك] [ספר לך]

    Israeli singer Luna Abu Nassar produces a darkly mellow sound, singing in both Hebrew and Arabic, and her lilting voice fits well with such heavy instrumentation.  The only problem with this gem is that I don’t understand either Hebrew or Arabic, and from what I understand, the lyrics are quite profound.  Still, this is so sonically pleasant that it was worth sharing with you, my friends.