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  • Ceoltóirí Chualann – Ríl Mhór Bhaile an Chalaidh

    Today is Saint Patrick’s Day for Western Christians, and is also celebrated by my fellow Orthodox, though his feast day on the Julian Calender is March 30. I thought I would share a bit of Irish music, but something not so common. I’m sure a great many of you know the work of Ireland’s third-most […]

  • Vàli – Forlatt

    Vàli – Forlatt

    Vàli are a neofolk band out of Norway whose music shows references to bands like Ulver and Empyrium.  It’s a rather gentle album with acoustic guitar and fiddle, reminding me of the American folk-rock band Changes and the Chinese neofolk band Raflum.  A mellow experience.

  • Seirios Savvaidis – Moly (μώλυ)

    Seirios Savvaidis is a Greek singer and songwriter who brings a raw, ancient sound to his brand of folk music.  One can hear not only his acoustic guitar, but also bagpipes, bouzouki, percussions, electric guitar, accordion, synths, and polyphonic ensembles.  The music is dense, rich, and harkens back to a hazy, mystical era in Greek […]

  • Erkin Sadykov & Abdugheni Abdurusul – Secret of the world. Archival recordings of Uyghur music from Kyrgyzstan

    There is little information available on Uyghur musicians Erkin Sadykov (vocal, dutar) and Abdugheni Abdurusul (tambur), but the quality of these recordings show a warm, sensitive interpretation of music we’re watching disintegrate before our eyes.  Thankfully, Kyrgyzstan allows their Uyghur minority to live and protect their traditions in peace.