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    Robert Scott Thompson – Of Ice and Memory

    Robert Scott Thompson is yet another friend of our blog who has graced our pages with a new single.  From his Bandcamp site: An experimental track from the sessions for “From a Language of Light,” imagined for release near the close of 2022. Features Sarah Lock on vocals and percussion performed by Stuart Gerber. As is noted on the page, “this is a special mix from the title track and will not be on the official CD release,” so this is a one-off with an elegant sound.

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    Various Artists – REQUIEM: Klaus Schulze Tribute

    This release, procured by Aural Films, is a tribute to Krautrock and Berlin-School legend Klaus Schulze, who passed away in April of 2022, and who would have been 75 years old today, far too young to have left us.  From the compilation’s Bandcamp site: “Over a year ago, Jack Hertz approached me with the idea of following up his popular Klaus Schulze tribute compilation IN LOVE WITH THE MOON (2018) with a sequel. I suggested waiting a little longer and to focus on Klaus’ upcoming 75th birthday. Jack thought it was a great idea – who could have guessed that…

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    Lauri-Dag Tüür – Waves Of Silent Whispers

    Lauri-Dag Tüür appeared on my previous blog in 2020 with what I believe was his debut album, and he’s gotten better since.  This album clocks in at a bit over 40 minutes, and it’s one of the better examples of Kosmische Musik I’ve heard in some time done by a modern composer.  The album is spacious and roomy, and takes a leisurely pace winding and unwinding while it travels around the universe, reminding me of artists like the late Klaus Schulze, Robert Rich, and in parts, fellow Estonian Sven Grünberg and his project, Mess.

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    Dragon & Jettenbach – Tales from the Algorithm

    This is so pleasantly dark and focused that I don’t think calling it ambient would do it justice.  Dragon & Jettenbach are a project out of the United Kingdom who produce a sound that, while bleak, is also musically organized, reminding me of some of the modern Berlin School electronic artists of the 1980s, mixed with a vibe one would have heard from post-Industrial music on cassette during the same time period.  As this is the period where I was reared on great music, it brings a sense of nostalgia to me, and I feel that, for those between 40…

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    Various Artists – Spacemusic #47 Like a Prayer

    A friend whose work I’ve had the pleasure of reviewing in the past, Rettward von Doernberg, pointed me to a podcast from December of 2005.  The music is well-done, deep electronic music, the sort I remember from the 1980s cassette scene.  Slightly freaky tracks with hints of Tangerine Dream influence among others, it’s a rather charming compilation, and even though I’m 17 years late to the party, I’m always pleased to share good old Berlin School synth music. If you want to hear the podcast or subscribe to it via Apple Podcasts, click here.  Otherwise, Archive.org can point you to…

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    Psycho & Plastic – Soundtrack 2: Pappel

    I seem to be running into a lot of Berlin-school style musicians recently, but this is the first one I’ve run into who is actually from the Berlin area.  From Psycho & Plastic‘s Bandcamp site: Award-winning German author Dalibor Markovi​​ć commissioned Psycho & Plastic to create an original soundtrack for his debut novel ‘Pappel. Die Geschichte eines Herumtreibers’ on the heels of their 2020 ambient masterpiece ‘Placid House’ and ‘Soundtrack 1: Schwelen’. Scheduled for a simultaneous release, book and album are deeply intertwined in form and content. ‘Soundtrack 2: Pappel‘ follows the novel’s tree-turned-human protagonist Konrad Pappel on his tour…

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    Harald Grosskopf & Ramón Amezcua – Quetzalkrautl

    ¡Demasiado kosmiche…!  Two absolute legends in electronic music grace these pages with a combination whose name cracks me up, but whose music entinces.  Ramón Amezcua is best known under his nom de plume Bostich and is known as the godfather of the Nortec scene which combines hard electronic music with Norteño music and banda into a radically different form of the sort of electronica produced either Stateside or in Europe.  Harald Grosskopf played drums for progressive rock bands like Wallenstein, Ashra and appeared on quite a few albums by Klaus Schulze, as well as releasing Synthesist, which is today considered…

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    Rami Moscovich – Capsules

    As far as electronic music releases go, Rami Moscovich does a nice job straddling Eno-esque ambient with Berlin School vibes reminiscent of 70s-era Tangerine Dream.  The jewel of the crown of this release is the track My Grandmother’s Apartment, where it sounds like Rami’s grandmother is reminiscing about old times in what sounds like Hebrew.  Enjoyable.