Steve Miller / Lol Coxhill – The Story So Far​.​.​. / .​.​.​Oh Really?

This record is the latest $5 (in this case, $7 for being a double-album) special, a long out-of-print avant-jazz classic.  From the release website:

“Out-of print on vinyl for over 25 years, this is the first release of the two album collaborations (Coxhill/Miller Miller/Coxhill and “The Story So Far…” “Oh Really?”) between saxist Lol Coxhill and pianist Steve Miller (the pianist, not the rock guitarist), who first worked together in Delivery and continued their partnership for several years afterwards.

These albums are quite fondly remembered by those luckily enough to own them for their unique personality and low-key approach to improvisation and composition and feature guests such as Phil Miller, Richard Sinclair, Pip Pyle, Archie Legget, Laurie Allan and Robert Wyatt.

Produced, remastered and with liner notes by Michael King, the material is presented in the absolute best possible sonics. We’ve also included the last known interview with Steve to help shed light on his career and found some great, rare photos to include in the huge, 20 page booklet.”

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