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    La Compagnia Digitale – La Compagnia Digitale

    This is a weird little gem.  The three tracks on this album point not only to La Compagnia Digitale’s roots as an Italian progressive rock band, but there are even elements of the Berlin School which would make Klaus Schulze and Tangerine Dream proud.  Think of this as a more Krautrock-infused Goblin.

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    Various Artists – Anthology Of Contemporary Music From Greece

    Our dear friends at Unexplained Sounds Group in Italy continue to delight us at MYNTH!  This is yet another collection of the best of ambient music from around the world – this time concentrating in Greece.  Artists such as Costis Drygianakis, Savvas Metaxas and adarcah lead the way, but every artist in this comp contribute to avant-garde music mightily, and it is again that we thank our friend Raffaele Pezzella for bringing us such amazing and challenging music from all corners of the Earth.

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    Beat Love Oracle – Turning The Table

    Our friends at áMARXE Records out of Galicia in Spain have released a really heavy album influenced by Canterbury Music, Zappa and jazz-rock in general.  There are so many twists and turns in Beat Love Oracle‘s album that it’s one I’d have trouble finding words to describe, so it is best to listen to the music directly and be amazed.

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    Pekka Pohjola – Harakka Bialoipokku (B The Magpie)

    Hands down, this is my favorite Finnish progressive rock album.  I was introduced to Pekka Pohjola early in life, and now that I am listening to this album in my middle age, I can hear how beautifully it aged.  Pekka’s bass is at the forefront, of course, and his playing is masterful, but the whole crew balance progressive rock of the 1970s with jazz fusion and touches of art-rock.  I can’t say enough good about this disc.

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    The Mossad – Eden to Eden

    Our friend The Mossad has composed a tribute to a young lady by the name of Eden Gaiski, and the pain and suffering she endured after a horrible car accident which caused permanent brain damage.  The music is instrumental, combining techno with a sweeping electronic wave behind the music.

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    The Four Sounds ‎– Jazz From District Six

    Mad About Records has produced a South African jazz artifact that is finally getting the wider recognition it deserves.  The Four Sounds features bassist Basil Moses, who worked with such stellar local artists as Dollar Brand, and his brother Clifford, who croons on the songs Beautiful Katrina and The “Goema” Dance, which is in fact Don’t Close Your Eyes.

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    African Head Charge – Songs Of Praise

    While browsing through about 40 TB of music files I’m uploading into my iBroadcast.com account, I came across an absolute plum of an album.  African Head Charge were one of the greatest bands on the legendary On-U Sound Records roster, and this heavy reggae/dub masterpiece, released in 1990, is consider by most of their fans as being their masterpiece.

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    A.M Ferrari Fradejas – Shiarkha

    Our beloved friend A.M Ferrari Fradejas has a new album out consisting of six tracks filled with lush, yet quite heavy, progressive rock tinged with black metal if you listen closely.  The release features some guitar work by her husband, the inestimable Santiago Fradejas, and the whole album smolders wonderfully.