Skyphone – Oscilla

Our friends at Lost Tribe Sound have released yet another gem in their catalog.  This release is from the Danish group Skyphone, and their Bandcamp release page explains further:

“The new Skyphone record original began as a project to explore long form close-miced acoustic sessions. The trio worked to record and capture the intimacy of various acoustic instruments. The recordings were very meticulous and long, and were largely meditations over harmonies and fugue-like movements of guitars, bass, synths, piano as well as mandolin, bells, wind instruments and acoustic drums. The trio spent a lot of time building the right sound, exploring endless loops and atmospheres before editing and deconstructing everything to capture the essence of the sessions. This slow chiseled refinement left a real depth of sound to the final songs. Hints of field recordings coloring the periphery, while lumbering rhythms hold a steady pulse, freeing the guitar and bass to create a myriad of melodies and counterpoints opposite the synthesizers. The record also features an incredible barrage of effects, in large part thanks to the 80’s era TC-2290.”

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