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    William Ryan Fritch – Cohesion

    William Ryan Fritch’s lastest disc is the, “second in a three-part series reflecting on the many calamitous water crises affecting life on this planet.”  Cohesion is a bit darker than the previous album, Polarity, but there is a more organic feel to it. From Fritch’s Bandcamp site: “In contrast to ‘Polarity,’ which was largely created by synthesized and electronic signals being transformed into acoustic phenomena. ‘Cohesion’ was constructed solely from acoustic instruments (baritone and alto saxophones, oboe, contrabass clarinet, bassoon, tuba, etc) mic’d and processed live to behave and sound like synthesized and/or sequenced sound sources. Using multiple contact mics,…

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    Necrocock – Jan Ži​ž​ka z Trocnova (Original Soundtrack)

    Jan Ži​ž​ka z Trocnova is a twelve-part series covering the life of Czech hero Jan Ži​žka, whose role in his nation’s history is indisputable despite fighting for Protestant heretics.  Though I have never managed to watch the series, I did get a chance to enjoy the soundtrack scored by Tom Necrocock.  It’s a pretty solid soundtrack which, surprisingly, may appeal to fans of dungeon synth music.  There’s an appropriately medieval quality to the music despite it being generated from what I gather are synthesizers.  Engaging work.

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    Egari, Paata Chakaberia – In Qvevri Veritas. Original Soundtrack

    Egari and Paata Chakaberia provide a stunningly good instrumental music from the Republic of Georgia serving originally as a soundtrack to a film about Georgian winemaking.  From the release’s Bandcamp site: “This music was composed as the soundtrack for Leonid Parfyonov’s documentary In Qvevri Veritas. The film is dedicated to the traditional Georgian winemaking, surely, we couldn’t do without Georgian music. We recorded 13 tracks, including folk tunes from various regions and corners of Georgia, as well as my own compositions.”

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    Lalo Schifrin – Man On A Swing OST – Special Vinyl Edition

    We have the joy of announcing another well-done reissue by our friends at Wewantsounds!  This release is an expanded reissue of Lalo Schifrin’s soundtrack to director Frank Perry’s 1974 thriller, “Man On A Swing.” There are thirty tracks on this piece of vinyl, and you’ll hear everything from Schifrin’s typically sublime scoring, mixing jazz, Bossa Nova, and groove as well as library music.  The music is remastered from the original three-track masters and sounds incredibly punchy. Track List: Side 1 1. Maggie’s Theme 1 0.25 2. Juke Box Source 1.40 3. Evelyn Story 1.42 4. Beetle Search* 0.13 5. Rosehaven…

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    William Ryan Fritch – Polarity

    Welcome to 2023!  We start the year by sharing a release due on January 13 by American composer William Ryan Fritch, who has been previously featured on the blog before.  From his label, Lost Tribe Sound’s Bandcamp site: “‘Polarity’ is the first in a three album series reflecting on the many calamitous water crises affecting life on this planet. Fifty percent of the sales for the three album series will be donated to communities that are at the front line of these crises, in perpetuity. Much of the sound of Polarity was inspired by experiments in “real world-ing” various synthesized…

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    Mikael Tariverdiev – Visions in Black & White

    Mikael Tariverdiev was a Russian cinema and TV composer of Armenian extraction but raised Tbilisi, Georgia, a true man of the Soviet world.  Though he was quoted as not particularly liking jazz, he was as good an improviser that Russia ever produced. From the release’s Bandcamp page: “Visions in Black and White is a collection of rare jazz and improvised themes by one of the greatest Russian film composers Mikael Tariverdiev (1931-1996). Transferred from the original tapes and beautifully remastered, these recordings manage to retain their original ambience and capture a master at work. Originally composed for cinema and TV movies…

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    Gabor Csupo – Blue Yonder For Pluto

    I have the pleasure of sharing an album of electronic music composed by my friend and old boss, Gabor Csupo (of Klasky-Csupo fame).  As well as being an animation legend, he’s a rather fine electronic music composer in the vein of groups like Tangerine Dream, Holger Czukay’s solo work, or a more sunny Brian Eno.  This album has more of a ‘soundtrack’ feel to it, and it serves as a paean to the loss of Pluto, his beloved dog (may his memory be eternal).  As a dog owner, I understand the pain, and the disc is a touching tribute to…