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    Megamozaki – Kaonashi

    Dario Elia, working under the name Megamozaki on this release, is an old friend who makes some very impressive industrial rock with elements one normally wouldn’t think to put together.  Starting a capella, one would get the impression you would be hearing Sardinian chant, but it melts seamlessly into a very pleasant mix of heavy industrial-rock and prog.

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    Tarah Who? – Manners

    Los Angeles produces scores of great rock bands, and has since before I was born.  Tara Who? continue the tradition of mixing elements of straight-ahead rock, punk, and the kind of metal that seems to only come from the area of the city near venues like The Roxy or bars like The Rainbow.  Pretty solid stuff. From their promo bio: Los Angeles, CA. – Tarah Who? is back with “Manners” February 19, 2021, the follow-up single and video to their eruptive song, “Swallow That Pill”. The L.A. based firebrand frontwoman, Tarah G. Carpenter (vocals/guitar) and Corale Hervé (drums/backing vocals), complete this duo who have carefully crafted songs…

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    Lorelle Meets The Obsolete – De Facto

    I would never have come across Lorelle Meets The Obsolete, a Guadalajara, Mexico-based band without the help of my new friend, Ali, whose taste in music is absolutely impeccable.  There is something wonderfully retro about the band, who reference a lot of bands like the Cocteau Twins, My Bloody Valentine, and even Joy Division in the track Unificado.  A worth release.