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  • Gadi Sassoon – Multiverse

    Gadi Sassoon is an Italian sound designer and composer whose latest release comes from the venerable Los Angeles-based record label A Strangely Isolated Place.  I had only heard one track of his work before, this coming from ASIP’s 2020 Compilation.  Though impressive, it didn’t prepare me for one of the bleakest experiences I’ve had listening […]

  • Sublamp – Lianas

    Sublamp – Lianas

    French imprint Eilean Records was a truly remarkable label with 100 releases of ambient and related musics.  I was going through my collection today and came across this album I purchased sometime in 2018. Sublamp is a fellow Los Angelino, Ryan Conner, who is a sound and video artist by profession.  This work, like all […]

  • [Article] How Bossa Nova Brought Frank Sinatra to This Sunset Blvd. Studio by Josh Kun

    This article at The Getty’s blog does a great job tying Frank Sinatra, Antônio Carlos Jobim, and the legendary recording studio they worked at here in Los Angeles. Many thanks to my friend Andrés for pointing me to this and so many treasures over the years.