Carlos Niño & Kofi Flexxx – In The Moment, Part 3

Longform Editions is a boutique record label out of Australia which does many things well, but specialized in releasing short albums packed with electronic experimentalia from all over the world.

This one brings Los Angelino Carlos Niño and a world traveling sax player whose work I’m quite new to in Kofi Flexxx paring down a two-hour session.  Carlos explains more about the session below, courtesy of Longform’s Bandcamp site:

“For me, extended, deep listening is it! I listen a lot and journey eternally within. Hearing and feeling, in, of, with and around, playing music is extending, deeply listening, being at once totally present, intaking, and expressing, expanding and contracting, pulsating, in connection, communion with yourself, with instruments, with environments, with others, with an audience. As a very active LP, cassette and files collector with a vast collection, I am often listening to recordings of various lengths and sounds. I have been interested in making an offering to Longform Editions since I was first introduced to it by Matthew David of Leaving Records. Here’s to pieces that wouldn’t easily fit onto a side of vinyl, or even two sides. Here’s to recordings that would rarely be played in full on the radio. These are pieces that by intention are allowed to blossom, ripple, stretch, reach, and feel even more. I love it!”

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