Tag: Hip-Hop

  • Inkswel & Colonel Red – Holders Of The Sun, Vol. 1

    Inkswel & Colonel Red hail from Australia and the United Kingdom respectively, but have been writing music together for over 10 years.  They blend a pretty heady mix of funk, soul, hip-hop and a touch of acid jazz in their stew, and the tracks on this upcoming dish are both enjoyable listening to deep music […]

  • Don Leisure – Shaboo Strikes Back

    Don Leisure is a Cardiff based producer and DJ whose latest work, dedicated to his legendary uncle, the Bollywood actor Nasser ‘Shaboo’ Bharwani, left me wondering how I didn’t hear about him before.  From his Bandcamp website: “‘Shaboo Strikes Back‘ is a much-awaited sequel to the 2017 smash, and again features a modest 25 tracks. […]

  • Freyja Garbett – MAYA

    Freyja Garbett, a Berklee graduate has made a remarkably innovative album.  From her Bandcamp website: “Garbett’s heady compositions draws influence from a vast range of styles and musicians. A graduate of the Berklee College of Music, she lists pianists and composers such as Fred Hersch, Gerald Clayton and Maria Schneider as critical influences to her […]

  • Nkom Bivoué – Zeun Ya Yop

    This one came as an unsolicited pleasant surprise.  I love Afrobeat and am slowly developing a healthy respect for Afro-House, and if I delve further into the genre, it’ll be because of artists like Cameroon’s Nkom Bivoué. What is best about the disc is the absolutely sharp percussion of the album.  This is dance floor-ready […]

  • Cut Chemist – Adidas To Addis​/​Povo De Santo

    Cut Chemist is an institution in Los Angeles.  I first came across his work as a member of Jurassic 5, and it seems he still has the skills of a groove surgeon. Both tracks are bangers, but the first one is my favorite, as it’s a keep originally recorded by Belaynesh Wubante & Assegedetch Asfaw […]

  • Various Artists – NYP Records: Mukambo presents Global Afrobeat Movement 2

    The first time I had the pleasure of hearing Afrobeat was in Skopje, Macedonia, of all places.  There isn’t a lot of variance to the music on this comp, though there are a few gems on this comp, but I have to be honest – how do you better Fela Kuti and Tony Allen?  It’s […]

  • High Pulp – Motel Money (feat. Takuya Kuroda)

    High Pulp hail from Seattle, Washington and are currently being published by Anti- Records, best known for releasing albums by Tom Waits, Neko Case and Antibalas.  This sounds like none of them, and it caught my attention in a most pleasant way. Motel Money is a single track, and it’s a burner.  This is an […]