Farhot – Nowroz 1401

Farhot is a musician based in Germany who also happens to run the rather incredible Kabul Fire record label.  This release is in honor of the Persian New Year (Nowroz) 1401.  From his Bandcamp site:

“In celebration of the Persianate new year usually taking place on March 21st Afghan-German producer artist Farhot announces his follow up project “Nowroz 1401” which translates into “New Year 1401” – the number marking the year according to the solar calendar which is used in countries like Afghanistan and Iran. While Nowroz is being celebrated in several additional regions like Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan or Kirgizstan and partly also in Pakistan, Syria, Tajikistan, Georgia and Turkey – this 3-Track EP pays tribute to Afghan contemporary artists like singer-songwriter Calid, London based Elaha Saroor and rapper Khan all while referencing the golden era of Afghan psychedelic pop most prominently represented by Ahmad Zahir samples – and with that marking this special release as a contribution to preserving Afghan culture and tradition while Afghanistan’s recent brutal occupation by the Taliban continue to threaten and erase Afghan artistic tradition. Further “Nowroz 1401” was born out of the urgent feeling to uphold and celebrate an essential tradition of Persianate cultures so that the following generations of diaspora children don’t lose access to their cultural heritage while not being able to live or visit their countries of origin, where such holidays are institutionalized and therefore experienced as a community festivity.”

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