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  • Damir Imamović’s Sevdah Takht – Dvojka

    It is a shame to think that when the words Bosnia, Herzegovina or Sarajevo are mentioned, most think only of the ugly breakup of the former Yugoslavia.  It’s a crime, as the country, and especially her capital, have so much to offer.  The people, the food, the incredible culture, so complex and rich, yet one […]

  • Fradejas & Fradejas – Oum

    It’s always a pleasure when you get to announce the release of an album made by dear friends.  Amandine and Santiago Fradejas operate in two different genres of music – she, in a more ethereal and progressive rock sound​ and he in a more experimental and improvisational setting.  Both of their respective talents compliment each […]

  • Toni Dimitrov – Live at SlovoKult literARTour 2020

    Composer, radio presenter, label owner, philosopher and old friend Toni Dimitrov has released a new album on the ever-interesting Kalamine Records.  Here are some of the details regarding the release, courtesy of their Bandcamp page: Performance at SlovoKult literARTour 2020 in Gevgelija, as a part of Bosh Festival. SlovoKult literARTour is a small international festival […]

  • [Announcement] Florian Arbenz / Tineke Postma – Free online gig at Porgy & Bess in Vienna

    We have an online gig announcement from a friend of the blog, Swiss percussionist and drummer Florian Arbenz: Hi – I hope you’re well! Whilst most musicians are still not quite back touring, we do keep playing and I’m excited to let you know that I’m broadcasting live (and FREE) from Vienna’s legendary Porgy & […]

  • Vàli – Forlatt

    Vàli – Forlatt

    Vàli are a neofolk band out of Norway whose music shows references to bands like Ulver and Empyrium.  It’s a rather gentle album with acoustic guitar and fiddle, reminding me of the American folk-rock band Changes and the Chinese neofolk band Raflum.  A mellow experience.

  • Reptilicus & The Hafler Trio – Designer Time

    Continuing on the Industrial (and post-Industrial) theme, this album was sent as a promo album to me while I was a buyer for Aron’s Records, the best record shop in Los Angeles before Amoeba steamrolled the competition (and are now, apparently, either no more or barely hanging on in L.A.). I had known a bit […]

  • Throbbing Gristle –  Throbbing Gristle’s Greatest Hits

    In 1984, I was introduced by the luck of having a few weird friends in high school to the world of Industrial Music.  This album was the first of many I would end up buying, not only from Throbbing Gristle, but the whole roster of freaks Industrial Records was putting out, like Cabaret Voltaire, Monte […]

  • Jake Xerxes Fussell – Hills Of Mexico

    Xerxes is not a name one comes across regularly in English, so when I saw James Xerxes Fusssell’s name pop up on my dashboard, I thought I’d give his music a listen.  I’m glad I did. This is a one-track release of blues-tinged music sung in a peculiar manner that I found to be enjoyable.