Samo Salamon, Emanuele Parrini & Vasco Trilla – Eating Poetry

Another dear friend of the blog, Samo Salamon from Slovenia, brings along a few friends for a well-done, gorgeously recorded improvisational album.  Joining Salamon on this disc are Emanuele Parrini on violin and Vasco Trilla on drums and percussion.  From Samo’s Bandcamp site:
“A great improvising trio session of three fantastic improvisers from three different European countries. Samo Salamon (Slovenia) has this time played exclusively acoustic guitars – 6 and 12-string string. Especially the 12-string guitar is a hugely underrated instrument in the improvising context. Naturally, names such as Ralph Towner or Marc Ducret come to mind, but still Salamon has quite a unique approach to the instrument. Salamon has teamed this time with two incredible musicians – Vasco Trilla (Spain), who is one of the most active improvising drummers, and Emanuele Parrini (Italy), who is a monster violin player with an amazing sound and technique. The music is incredibly intense, yet also very quiet and emotional, at times almost lyrical. All three players listen to each other with open years and create a wonderful sound world. Also the unique combination of violin, acoustic guitars and percussion/drums helps to achieve this.”

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