Joe Williams – Can’t Resist You – My Summer Love

This is simply a masterpiece.  Joe Williams was one of the most lauded voice in the big band era, and worked with legends like Lionel Hampton and Count Basie.  From Nagel Hayer’s Bandcamp site:

“Simply one of the greatest Jazz or even Blues vocal albums of all time. Joe Williams is smooth and yet authentic. The recording quality is sublime.

Play it at the beach, the pool, the bar, for a barbecue, a romantic dinner or with a sundowner in your hands viewing the setting sun over the dune sea in the west.

Among the highlights are “I Don’t Know Why,” “Aren’t You Glad You’re You,” and last but not least “Have You Met Miss Jones.”

Joe Williams did his best to de-emphasize the blues (he wanted to be known as a well-rounded singer), instead choosing to uplift and personalize standards.

This is definitely the right stuff for a perfect summer feeling, wherever the road may take you.”

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