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    Gil Talmi – Unspooled

    Thanks to my friend and Galego brother Andrés, I’ve come across a soundtrack composer and sound designer out of New York called Gil Talmi.  He has been nominated for an Emmy Award (presumably in soundtrack music and apparently fond of working on socially conscious projects. I’m far from a bleeding heart, but it’s good to see someone try to change the world a bit, a project at a time.  As for the music, it’s quite good, well-designed, and it holds up surprisingly well when compared to a lot of modern classical music, as well as progressive and electronic music.

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    Saucejas – Dabā

    Our dear friends at CPL-Music have done it again!  This 60-track album by Saucejas is an ethnographer’s dream if you’re into Latvian music, and there is an organic feeling to this album.  Nothing too terribly processed, nothing added that didn’t need to be there.  The album is appropriately titled, as Dabā is Latvian for “in nature.”  This is simply beautiful choral traditional music from one of my favorite regions of the world.

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    Various Artists – Doomed & Stoned in Chile

    Doomed & Stoned is a series of compilations covering the best of doom metal and stoner rock all over the world.  This comp covers the scene in Chile, which is surprising rich.  There are 99 tracks of surprising variety, including one that left me mystified: It’s a track by Heraldica de Mandrake and perhaps the only way to describe it is Gregorian doom.  It’s actually quite pleasant.

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    JuffBass – Farewell Flight

    A friend of our blog, Zoltan from JuffBass, has released a rather fine bass-dominated instrumental progressive rock album worth your attention.  It’s a mellow release, rather atmospheric, and would definitely appeal to those of you who like the more chilled-out end of the post-rock spectrum.  Quite nice!

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    SHAPER – More Remixes

    Every now and then, a crunchy, loud, nearly abrasive (but pleasantly so) release is needed to shake me out of having too much calm in my day.  Our dear friends at Porto Alegre’s finest experimental label, The Church of Noisy Goat have released another heavy release full of rough post-Industrial sound remixed and chopped into oblivion.  It features friends and those I admire, such as Bode, SRVTR, Wilfried Hanrath and RAUPPWAR among others.

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    Various Artists – Lost Tribe Sound: Salt and Gravity Series

    Readers who visit frequently know that I have a few artists and labels who I am happy to champion because they never let me down in terms of quality of music or their curating abilities.  I’m happy to add another label to this list: Lost Tribe Sound. The label is based out of Wisconsin, and if you enjoy rich, resonating dark ambient music which blends field recordings seamlessly into their compositions, this label is going to keep your attention for a good long while.  The label releases music by such luminaries as Seabuckthorn, William Ryan Fritch and Tony Dupé, and now,…

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    Bandcamp Friday

    It has been a while since Bandcamp has offered one of its (formerly) monthly Bandcamp Fridays.  It’s quite a trying time for those who rely solely on music, so today may be a good time to support your favorite artist or try purchasing a new album who has piqued your interest. Read more about Bandcamp Friday here.

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    Megamozaki – Kaonashi

    Dario Elia, working under the name Megamozaki on this release, is an old friend who makes some very impressive industrial rock with elements one normally wouldn’t think to put together.  Starting a capella, one would get the impression you would be hearing Sardinian chant, but it melts seamlessly into a very pleasant mix of heavy industrial-rock and prog.

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    Thierry Zaboitzeff – Séquences

    As a cellist, bassist, composer and former member of Art Zoyd, I’d venture to say that Thierry Zaboitzeff needs no introduction.  However, what I didn’t know about him over these past few years was that he has been active making soundtracks. This particular one is for the movie Winds of Sand, Women of Rock, which is a film about a group of Tubu women traveling the Sahara Desert selling dates in Agadez, Niger.  The film looks fascinating, but the music is equally so, bringing to mind a lot of modern minimalist composers (the usual suspects, like Philip Glass and Michael…