The Chills – Scatterbrain / Scatterbrain​-​Storms: Outtakes

We have two releases today to share with you.  Both come from New Zealand’s greatest indie rock band, The Chills, and at least to my ears, should be seen as one cohesive session.  The first, Scatterbrain, came out in September of 2021 is a rather lush affair, quite different from the early, stripped-down lo-fi albums.  Great production, choruses, an almost proggy feel to some tracks dot the album, yet the songs still have that hallmark Kiwi indie sound.  Scatterbrain​-​Storms: Outtakes is quite different, however.  Three tracks, more stripped down and raw (well, they’re outtakes for a reason, right?), and I have to say this sounds like the Chills of the early 1980s and 1990s.  Still, both releases have their charms, and are worth exploring.

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